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I encourage you to take advantage of my support. On a daily basis, I work mainly with business representatives and company owners, as well as with employees who want to make a professional change in their lives.






How do I know if I need a Business Coach?


By business coaching, we understand primarily work on developing the competences of a manager or company owner, which are necessary in professional work and business. Sessions help to reveal the maximum potential, the release of which will contribute to more efficient implementation of changes and faster development of the organization.

Meetings appropriately moderated by the coach are intended to inspire to find solutions to current difficulties, overcome obstacles, and lead to the achievement of the set goals. When working with a coach, the leader also develops selected competences that facilitate management and communication with the team.


Business coaching has a very wide range of topics and areas that it touches.

  • Determining internal motivation.
  • Discovering potential and strengths.
  • Finding your role in the organization.
  • Developing a plan of changes in the organization and building a strategy. Starting from diagnosing wellbeing needs in a given company, through developing levels and planes of changes, to their implementation.
  • Diagnosing blockages and inconsistencies in companies and teams in cases of e.g. drop in efficiency, conflicts or introducing changes.
  • Successful achievement of goals.
  • Effective communication: what to do to make my employees listen to me and how to listen so that they talk to me.
  • Confidence.
  • Reconciliation of work and private life.
  • Assertive actions.
  • Finding passion and commitment in your organization or profession.

I work with organizations, small and large businesses, and most of all with the Ty brand. Yes, you, because every change starts with you.

When running your own business, you not only own it, but also represent the brand you create. As a leader, you not only represent the organization but also represent your brand of leader.

So what brand am I working with? From Marek -> You


Yes of course. But it is not enough to let the coach into the company. For coaching to be effective, hard work is required by those involved in and between sessions. You need to be prepared for the fact that the coaching process may turn out to be your biggest problem. So in the relationship with the coach you need honesty and openness. You need to expose yourself and learn to talk about your strengths as well as your shortcomings. Work pays off, and meeting with a coach is not a friendly chat.


Business Coach & Wellbeing Expert

As a graduate of applied psychology and a participant of the Masterclass Wellbeing Academy in the Organization, I gained knowledge in the field of implementing wellbeing and creating solutions that support people and organizations in creating a good workplace by building awareness, proper relationships, good health, friendly workplace and organizational systems and culture that puts man in the center.

“Beata took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

On February 24, we had the opportunity to see B. Bikowska live at the Business Health Club in Birmingham, which I organized. What she did was the world championship.
People in the room were sitting and listening to her with interest, and after a while I noticed tears in the eyes of the participants. We were incredibly moved and touched by her story and Mr. Nowak.
Beatka is incredibly warm, energetic and a woman who knows what she is doing. I recommend her services 100%.

Mariusz Merza

Last Saturday we organized the Business Health Club in Birmingham. I had the pleasure to meet an extraordinary guest there – Ms Beata Bikowska, health and life coach.
An unusual, intelligent and very inspiring woman. The training was just tip-top. Thanks to you, I understood what is really important in my life and what I should not be afraid of. I have more courage for what can happen to me. Now I will make my dreams come true with even greater determination. Thank you for that. I am so glad that I could meet you and participate in this training.

Agnes Kate Verona

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