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Beata Bikowska – my story

At the time when I was working as a nurse, there were no machines to lift the sick. My hands, muscles, and spine turned into such a machine hundreds of times a day. Everything was fine until I got into the hospital bed. It was the end of something that was close to me. The end, however, also turned out to be the beginning of a new adventure. Due to the fact that I was not allowed to carry, I was transferred to work in the addiction treatment unit. The role of the nurse in the therapeutic process was small, although it became very important when the therapist was unavailable and the patient needed help. Spending hours talking, I got to know people from a different angle. It has become important what they feel, think, their opinion about themselves and the reason why they are in the place where they are. It was then that I also decided to get another qualification to help them even better. Hence the idea of ​​social work was born. Helping individuals and families has become not only my new job, but also a great passion. Knowing the body well, I got to know the human soul. Building a bond and gaining human trust has become my priority. Being aware of the fact that each of us has the potential and ability to transform our reality, being aware of the human body, needs, and not only physical ones, but above all the higher ones such as health, passion, satisfaction, I took up coaching. Moreover, the awareness of the changing living and working conditions started to look for practical solutions to many human problems.

As a graduate of applied psychology and a participant of the Masterclass Wellbeing Academy in the Organization, I gained knowledge in the field of implementing wellbeing and creating solutions that support people and organizations in creating a good workplace by building awareness, proper relationships, good health, friendly workplace and organizational systems and culture that puts man in the center.

“Beata took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

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I provide you with solutions that make you, your team and your business take off. Clients praise me for my creative approach to the issues raised and for my extraordinary ability to listen empathically. They also highly appreciate cooperation based on partnership relations with each person.

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