Yes, chocolate is sweet and good for you. But you must monitor you’re eating, or you will experience more of sides effects then benefits of it.

Can your overindulge the importance of welfare at workplace?

Health and wellbeing are quickly becoming just as important in the office as it is in our everyday lives. Many of us are becoming more concerned with wellbeing and as the place we spend most of our time our work life has also come under examination. Unfortunately, wellbeing at work is not always taken seriously and many employers still don’t have a workplace wellbeing agenda in place despite many of the benefits we now know these types of concepts can have.

The most important benefit of wellbeing is benefit to employee’s health. Companies that promote healthier eating (dark chocolate- limited amount) and exercise can help their workforce minimise the risk of heart disease and other health concerns. As well as being great for employees, this can also reduce sickness due to various health issues which is good news for the business too. This includes stress, the main reason for many absents. It should come as no surprise that healthier and happier employees are more creative and committed too. Isn’t it sweet like a chocolate?