Working from home could be challenging.  Most of us had a daily routine; shower; morning coffee, breakfast and school run. So, because we do not need to leave our house it doesn’t mean that we can ignore everyday activities. To plan our day is essential to manage your workload, home duties as well as to stay physically and mentally well.

Working from home and looking after our kids and those one who need our support could be a big task. Especially now when we are all dealing with “unknown “. We are aware of the danger to our health, but the length is unknown. We don’t know when we will be back in the office, when we meet our colleagues. So, it is time for new strategies and for some of us to learn new skills too.

Remote work requires peaceful and secluded space. We need to adopt our “home office” to conditions that allow us to concentrate.  We need a desk, comfy chair, good internet connection and to make sure that we are aware of all facilities available online. I am sure that our IT Team would be happy to assist if needed. It is not only necessary for our clients (to call, refer or signpost them) but for all of us too. We can run regular meetings online, reflective sessions and most importantly we can still stay in touch, face to face. We all know that facial expression, body language could tell us more than words.

Also, remote work could be difficult when there is a lack of even common break spent at the coffee machine. Therefore, we need a regular break too. If is possible we can go for a short walk avoiding populated places or we can call our colleges for an informal chat.  Certainly, we need a break from the computer screen. Online working it’s not seen as unsafe work however it could be burdensome. So, it is vital to take a short break every hour if you spend a long day front of your devices.

One of the challenges could be our anxiety arise from our unawareness. After all, there is information that we had access to because we were in the office. It is natural that we stop keeping up with current actions and our impact on some matters will decrease.

Furthermore, it is important to reduce the distractions. Many people are distracted at home by things that were easily ignored in the office. It could be call from friends or social media. Also, unexpected requirements from those who are also at home.

Consequently, it is important to create a plan and to discuss it with your family. Because we are at home it doesn’t mean we are on holiday. We are still working and helping others to deal with various difficulties. We need a time for confidential calls as well as to take an action when required. Therefore, need to agree our availability at home. If two of you working from home, you can schedule your work and home duties. If you are alone, you may consider additional support if required.

New way of working, learning new skills and caring for others at the sometime could be very stressful. More, to manage our own emotions during this tough time could be problematic. So, is important to be open and honest about your needs and to set personal and professional boundaries.